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Devlog #3
I'm back. Sorry for my long hiatus, I've had some real stuff happening. I'm looking forward to continuing my development of Faedon...
Devlog #2.5: Fixed saving issue on Mac
Thanks to a user called Kerri, I discovered an issue with saving on Mac. I think I've fixed this now. Enjoy!...
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Devlog #2: Demo for Windows, Linux and Mac released
The demos are live! These are very early, alpha versions. Don't expect Skyrim! I just wanted to get a little taster for the project out there. Everything in the...
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Devlog #1: Starting area finished
I've pretty much completed the starting area now. Features: 7, 5 main, 2 side = complete Lore and story = complete Mapping = complete 2 actors = complete Hornet...